Ketterer Company

Promotional products are fun and often reflect the best of what the retail world has to offer...with a twist. Put your logo on traditional or trend-conscious products to bring forward your message. More than just a source of "stuff", the Ketterer Company provides a wide range of logo items and services that gets your message where it counts - into the hands of your customers, employees, and prospects.


Online search tools never replace the professional experience of the people at the Ketterer Company so be sure to contact us while searching 877-247-6792 and we'll add the human touch to your buying experience.


Since 1955, the Ketterer Company has been helping clients get just the right promotional item to fit into their budgets and timeframes. We will help you achieve your marketing objectives and carry the message you want to convey... sales, safety, employee recognition, corporate identity, online stores, and much more. We have our own fulfillment and distribution center to support online and company stores or other program needs. We can develop your web2print solutions.


We can create custom merchandise and offer overseas sourcing so you get competitive pricing as well as cutting-edge products.